Monday, August 08, 2016

Happy 21st Birthday Darlin'

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Oldest son turned twenty-one today.  That went by fast!
Something I did not believe when told so in the past.
Pregnancy felt endless and my labor longer still...
(Obstetrician would have died that day if looks could kill.)

It seems only yesterday they placed him in my arms,
When I swore that we would keep him safe from any harms.
'though we swiftly learned that life, sometimes, won't go to plan
It's not long, at all, from child to boy to fine, young man.

Happy Birthday darlin'.  Now that drinking is allowed
I know you'll remember all you've learned and make us proud:
Nothing's less attractive than some loud, obnoxious drunks
Except for the aftermath...  On knees and blowing chunks.

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