Monday, October 03, 2016

Lesson Learned

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Yesterday, to my dismay, New England lost their game
And, if we are being honest, I'm the one to blame.
'though I knew I, foolishly, continued on undaunted
Violating two sports gods commandments 'cause I taunted.

I confess to gloating, too.  My sins led to our loss.
Patriots were doomed right from the starting coin toss.
Football games take more than skill. You need a lot of luck.
Now I know how Jets fans feel all year... That's gotta suck.

Sorry! Please forgive me sports gods.  I was out of line.
Let the penalty for taunting Jets fans be just mine.
I won't even gloat now that Tom Brady has returned...
I've no wish to risk your wrath.  My lesson has been learned.

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