Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Cautionary Tale

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I am not the first to see a cautionary tale
In the recent British vote in which they chose to bail
On the European Union... Donald Trump does, too.
He hopes it's exactly what Americans will do.

Donald wants to close our borders; claims he'll build a wall,
Preying on the prejudice and fears that plague us all.
And, just like in England, he makes up whatever facts
Motivate the populace which, knee-jerk like, reacts.

Now that "Leave" has won, its leaders started walking back
Promises those politicians made for which they lack
Any hope of keeping.  Voters found out much too late.
Now they're learning anger's not what makes a country "Great." 

Let's hope that Americans will notice parallels;
Realize that what the Donald's full of's brown and smells.
Let the UK be a warning; do our research first...
Not after we've voted to let Donald do his worst.

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