Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trumpettes? Really?

Image result for tearing my hair out

How are there still women who would vote for Donald Trump?
That thought makes me want to tear my hair out in a clump.
He's a pompous, narcissistic, self-promoting pig...
Have these women missed the news? I'm gonna need a wig.

How could they support this guy? We've all known jerks like him:
Self-entitled SOBs who, when the lights are dim,
Grab or grope or whisper something vulgar in our ear.
Could it be The Trump is sounding...  Armageddon's here?

Otherwise, I can't explain how anyone at all
Still supports The Donald...  It's the middle of the Fall.
I'm not scared of Halloween but this Election Day
I'll be voting Hillary then go to church and pray. 

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