Monday, October 17, 2016

Don't Blame Cincinnati

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Cincinnati's Bengals played New England yesterday.
'though they lost to us the thing their record doesn't say 
Is that they are very good...  Much better than I thought.
Problem is, with Brady back, they didn't stand a shot.

The first half was worrisome; poor Tom kept getting sacked
'til Hightower's Safety gave the Pats the spark they lacked.
Once you give Tom Brady any time - at all - to throw
It is nearly certain how the game is gonna go.

Bengals don't play like a team whose record's 2 and 4.
They were better than what is reflected by the score.
'though they lost by 18 points, the Bengals came to play.
It's not their fault they were standing in New England's way.

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