Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dragging My Feet On TPP

Drag Your Feet
(Illustration/Courtesy of sarah-janeevans.blogspot.com)

President Obama wants to pass the TPP
(That's the Trans-Pacific Partnership to you and me.)
Says it levels playing fields for U.S. companies
In the Asian markets but not everyone agrees.

Unions fear it lowers wages; workers earning less.
Some say new rules will leave the environment a mess.
Wiki-Leaks has pages showing bankers get a break...
I think that a "fast-track" for this bill is a mistake.

I agree we need a deal but this might not be it.
Don't we want more time to stop and look at it a bit?
NAFTA killed the middle class so, though I favor trade,
There are problems I want fixed before this deal gets made.

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