Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Three Cheers for Toya Graham

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My new hero, Toya Graham. (Photo/Courtesy of

Fellow moms of teenage boys should offer our applause
To a mom from Baltimore who's in the news because
When she recognized her son out rioting at night,
Caught him on the local news - red handed - at the fight,

She marched down and kicked his ass and dragged her son away;
Didn't give a damn what her teenager had to say.
Peaceful protest in the streets is justified, but not
Burning down the too few stores your neighborhood has got.

Sometimes though, with teenage boys, a mother has no choice;
If our sons don't listen when we use our "angry voice"
We might have to go ahead and slap them in the head...
Teach them that it isn't just police they need to dread.

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