Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Keep Congress Out Of Iran

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With the framework for a way of dealing with Iran
President Obama's busy talking up the plan,
Saying that the deal's the best one that we're gonna get...
He has not convinced U.S. Republicans quite yet.

He can keep on talking but it won't do any good.
They insist they want to vote but I don't think they should.
If Barack Obama were to say the sky is up
Would there be Republicans in disagreement? Yup.

I don't trust they won't be playing petty politics
And it's too important that this new agreement sticks.
If we don't give peace a chance - don't trust and verify -
We could watch a chance to re-engage Iran slip by.

47 Senators have made their feelings known;
Give them all a chance to vote and this deal will be blown.
Let Obama do his job and try diplomacy,
Speaking with one voice on Middle Eastern policy.

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