Friday, April 10, 2015

Lines In The Sand

The Middle East and northern Africa circa 1914. (Courtesy of/

Middle Eastern borders, once imposed, are breaking down.
Saudi forces bombed another Northern Yemen town.
Libya has splintered; there are Syrians "in hell."
I can't name a single country where it's going well.

ISIL's killing refugees who've fled from Palestine.
It's not safe no matter where you draw some borderline.
Mix religion, history and tribal loyalties
And you get a situation where no side agrees.

I predict it won't get better 'til it's gotten worse
Meanwhile, we're the common enemy that many curse.
Every time we pick a side we make the others mad,
Angering established allies we might once have had.
We aren't winning hearts and minds and I have little doubt
Only if the countries in the region sort it out
Will they make a peace that has a chance of being kept.
Wish we'd thought of consequences there before we leapt.

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