Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kitchen Renovation - Day 56

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I think I've been patient but my patience just ran out...
Two months now without a sink and I've begun to doubt
That our kitchen renovation's ever getting done.
Trust me when I say this process isn't any fun.

No one but our great designer (God bless Lisa Green)
Seems to care how long it's been or how I'm gonna clean
Pots and pans and cutting boards in my small, bathroom sink...
With no stove, preparing meals is harder than you'd think.

Still, I've tried to make it work with paper cups and plates,
Tripping over boxes and appliances in crates,
Waiting for our countertops... Then, yesterday, I heard
They won't be arriving here until the 23rd.

"Just a couple days," they said.  Yet, that will make 19.
And, although I wanted to, I didn't make a scene...
But I'd recommend you undergo a change of heart
If you've been considering a renovation start.

1 comment:

  1. because of your good nature, you are being taken for a ride.that kitchen fiasco is shoddy treatment , impossible to hide. I like Lisa Green, but when my kitchen plans begin, she will have to find a more reliable source of workers, my contract for to win.