Thursday, September 10, 2015

All We Are Saying - The Iran Deal

Iran Deal © Steve Sack,The Minneapolis Star Tribune,Iran, nuke ...
(Courtesy of Steve Sack/

Watch for all the posturing that we are bound to see;
Congress members covering their butts politically
When a vote that's veto proof for dealing with Iran
Comes up, though not one of them has got a better plan.

They'll make lots of empty threats about what they would do
If they'd been negotiating, arguing, in lieu
Of agreement with the Russians, Chinese, Germans, Brits
They'd have made Iran comply or blown the place to bits.

I, for one, prefer that we should take a chance on peace
Hoping that, in 10 years time, Iran will choose to cease
Working towards a weapon but, until somebody tries,
We miss any chance to forge a lasting compromise.

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