Wednesday, September 16, 2015


IStandWithAhmed – Parenting Black Kids, Parenting Brown Kids ...

Freshman, from MacArthur High in Texas, built a clock.
Showed it to his teachers who, to that poor freshman's shock,
Called police, believing that he'd brought a bomb to school.
Ahmed was interrogated, all because some fool

Couldn't tell a nerdy kid apart from terrorists.
So, in NASA tee-shirt and with hand-cuffs on his wrists,
Five cops took Ahmed Mohamed off to Juvie Hall
Where, at last, they let the kid give mom and dad a call.

He's still facing charges but he's home...  Not in a cell.
'though the school's suspended him, perhaps it's just as well;
Doesn't sound as if they've got a lot to offer him...
Faculty has demonstrated that they're rather dim.


  1. For all the trouble that teacher has done to a school student, on this one, should be FIRED!!!! A clock can very well tick. If I had to do with the school system she would be gone!!

  2. Will you get this straight, I'm NOT Martin Reinert, I'm Morton Carol. I just posted a comment & his name comes up. The second time this happened. I don't think I will post anymore on this site, because you don't even know who is who on your site.

    1. My apologies Mr. Carol... I'm not sure why Blogger is misidentifying you, but I'll let them know there's a problem. Thanks for taking the time to read my rhymes.