Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The Lesser of Two Evils?

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You might think Republicans - opposed to Hillary -
Should take time to think who their alternative could be.
Hillary conspiracies, the kind that FOX News panders,
Have resulted in a surge for Vermont's Bernie Sanders.

Do they really want a guy who claims he's Socialist
Or a seasoned politician who's a realist?
(FYI: Real Socialists say Bernie isn't one...
That he's more conservative than David Cameron.)

Shouldn't they be worried Mrs. Clinton's in a slump
While their leading candidate's an idiot like Trump?
He is unelectable. Because of him, they'll lose.
I'd think Hillary's the lesser evil they would choose.

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  1. so glad to see your rhyming is back in the game. to miss your keen observances would be a shame.