Friday, September 04, 2015

Judge Berman for President

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Fans can just ignore what all the haters have to say,
Patriots were vindicated...  Brady gets to play.
Judge has ruled the NFL's behavior wasn't fair,
Siding with New England and Tom Brady's case. So there!

His impartial ruling found that four games were too much
For some balls that might be slightly softer to the touch.
'though the NFL's appealed, appeals can take awhile;
Could be years before the case would even come to trial.

I hope Brady sues their ass for what they've put him through,
Making accusations as they robbed him of his due
Of the joy he should have felt, with all his heart and soul,
At New England's victory in last year's Super Bowl.

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  1. Why cant the rest of the counyry see what we see? A nice guy who never says anything unkind about any other player, a good husband. great and attentive father, hard working football player. He is always first to practice and last to leave, sets a great example for his teammates and is not bad looking.