Thursday, September 03, 2015

Unsolicited Advice for Kim Davis: Do Your Job

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The Kentucky County clerk, Kim Davis, who refused
Same-sex couples marriage licenses must be confused.
She is newly born-again and may not know the rules;
Jesus preached of love and taught that bigotry's for fools.

Davis, who is thrice divorced - on marriage number four -
(Making her an expert, since she's had so many more)
May not know that Jesus said to love our fellow man;
Do our best to help them out in any way we can.

But, it doesn't matter 'cause Kim's office ain't a church...
Since her actions leave her fellow workers in the lurch,
If she will not do her job for fear she'd be disgraced,
Squeaky wheel should not get oil...  It ought'a be replaced.


  1. perhaps it is not a moral for miss kim. she may see number FIVE in one of them.