Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Across the Pond - North Korean Missile Launch

If you believe that North Korea's missile program is for peaceful purposes, then Kim Jong-un has some unicorns he wants to sell you.  (Photo/

After years of trying, North Korea's  had success;
Launched a missile into space - a diplomatic mess.
Kim Jong-un has claimed the missile launch is not a threat.
South Korea and Japan aren't comforted, I bet.

Neither is America, 'cause he can reach us here, 
And he's just as crazy as his father was, I fear.
All the offers meant to help his people out, he scorns.
Now he says his scientists discovered unicorns.

Can those be the scientists who got him into space?
Helped a lunatic to threaten all the human race.
Or, are they the guys who helped enrich uranium?
Either way, it seems to me, those scientists are dumb.

There is not a nation in the region which is thrilled;
Nor impressed that North Korea's scientists are skilled.
I think that, despite his word that Kim Jong-un means well,
If they're buying that, he's got some unicorns to sell.

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