Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Yoouuuk! Noooo!

Pinstripes are not his color!  (Photo/The New Yorker)

Not Youk!  Not the Yankees! Please, gods...  Anyone but them!
Must you give the Red Sox' enemies another gem?
Wasn't Damon bad enough? And now you give them Youk?
When I heard the news he'd signed with them I thought I'd puke.

Thank you Bobby Valentine...  (I beat on him a lot
And, I guess it's true I never gave the man a shot.
After Kevin Youkilis left - 'cause Bobby said he should -
I felt, right away, the Red Sox' future wasn't good.)

Youk could sign with any team.  Why must it be New York?
Yes, I know I'm sounding like some kind of "pink hat" dork,
But it really breaks my heart when former Red Sox go;
Put on Yankee pinstripes for a huge amount of dough.

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