Friday, December 07, 2012

Not Even Stephen King...

"Study, Dammit!" - a provocative poster from Stephen's college days - is now on sale, with proceeds going to The Maine Campus and the University of Maine.

I'm a fan of Stephen King's; I'm seeing him tonight.
I think I'd read anything that he decides to write.
First time that I browsed the web ('cause I was feeling bored)
Thought I'd check out Stephen King; I found his Message Board.

Met a lovely group of people there and made some friends,
Who I will impose on for my own (quite selfish) ends;
If, perchance, some one of you who's planning to be there
And has tickets on the floor (I'm breathing thinner air);

If you get the chance to ask him questions and you're stumped,
Please don't ask him where his ideas come from - you'll get jumped.
Tell him that you love his books, admire his great skill.
Say the chance to meet him here tonight is such a thrill...

Then ask him the question that his fans all want to know;
Has he heard the rumors Kevin Youkilis might go
Put on Yankee pinstripes? Does King think that, even he,
Could convey the horror felt by Red Sox' fans like me?


  1. Charming poem. Hope you had a good time!

    1. Dear Madeleine;

      Thank you for reading my "geek out" rhyme... And yes, we had a wonderful time. My sisters were with me and we use any excuse to have a party. An especial "geek" pleasure was the debut of a new short story; Afterlife... Very shivery - yet funny at the same time. A trade-mark of Mr. King's.

      Hope all is well with you and yours,