Monday, December 10, 2012

Israeli Settlements - An Irish-American-Agnostic's View

(Map/Courtesy of BBC News)

I am not Israeli, so I can't know how it feels;
Do not have a history of loss time never heals.
Don't know what it's like to have bombs falling from the sky;
Every day - afraid someone I love is gonna die.

I'm not Palestinian and can't know how I'd feel
Watching as Israelis do their very best to steal
Land that once belonged to me...  And, why? Because God said?
Their belief my neighbors want to see all of them dead?

I was born of Irishmen with Troubles of their own.
Saw the hatreds grown through seeds that history has sown.
Any time you mix God up in boundary disputes
Peace trips on religion and it tumbles down the chutes.

I am an American who doesn't understand
Why is it that settlements are built on Arab land?
Surely, everyone can see that's making matters worse?
Numbers should be falling but they're doing the reverse.

I am an agnostic; I don't follow any church.
Doesn't mean I think that God has left us in the lurch.
I believe that God is there and angry at the mess
We have made out of the gifts which He gave us to bless.

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