Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jon Stewart's Going-Away Present

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I still think it's early for discussing candidates
Running to be President of the United States
But I must admit that, when the candidate is Trump,
I cannot resist the urge; I think the guy's a chump.

Is it possible The Donald is so self-involved
He is unaware that those of us who have evolved
Wouldn't let him near the White House, even as a guest?
Donald Trump should stick to doing what he does the best:

Building tacky towers - with their toilets made of gold,
Bragging to the public of apartments that he's sold,
Combing over orange hair that must be plastered down,
Blustering and blathering and acting like a clown.

'though Trump's made Jon Stewart happy for his last few weeks,
(Gaining new material each time The Donald speaks)
Comedy that writes itself but, kinda like Ted Cruz,
This stuff's only funny if we're sure both men will lose.

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  1. I love it whenthe day starts with a laugh out loud rhyme.thanks , mrssmeej.