Monday, June 15, 2015

Unsolicited Advice for Gashlies, Tack Heads, and Hynas

Prison Break New York — Clinton Correctional Facility Worker ...

I will never understand how any woman falls
For a guy who's serving life behind some prison's walls.
Don't know how you close your eyes and just ignore the fact
That your boyfriend's guilty of a brutal, heinous act.

In New York, Joyce Mitchell helped her boyfriends get away
('though she left them stranded when her nerves began to fray.)
Seemingly, she found their bad boy reputations cool...
They just found a sucker who could smuggle in a tool.

Now the guys are on the loose and she's the one in jail.
I, for one, would say that the relationship's a fail.
May I offer women who write convicts this advice;
Join a dating service.  Find yourself somebody nice.

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