Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Galileo Is Rolling In His Grave

closing down sale cartoon humor: God not-too-happy with the Humans ...
(Courtesy of/www.jantoo.com)

Centuries of conflict between scientists and priests:
Nature of the universe, if we evolved from beasts,
If God gave mankind dominion over all the Earth,
How it's even possible to have a virgin birth.

Now a new Encyclical gives scientists some hope
That they could be looking at a different kind of Pope.
This Pope studied chemistry before he joined the Church;
Francis is inclined to heed the climate change research.

Planet's getting warmer and a major cause is man.
Scientists don't speak the language of the Vatican;
This time, though, their evidence supports the Holy See
And - on man's poor stewardship of Earth - both sides agree.

Is imperative to change a moral one, or not?
In the end it doesn't matter to the Earth a lot.
If we all continue to befoul the place we live
Neither God nor nature's laws are likely to forgive.

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