Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kitchen Reno Update - What Were We Thinking?

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Kitchen cabinets are coming in in mid-July
But we still have no idea how much the flooring guy
Plans to charge for hardwood we are hoping to install.
Angie's List gives him an A...  I can't agree, at all.

Weeks ago he promised us that he'd submit a quote.
Since then he has disappeared - no phone call... Not a note.
I am losing confidence in my contractor's subs;
Chewed my fingernails so much I've worn them down to nubs.

Nothing else can start until the flooring guy is through.
After him there's still a million things we've got to do.
Kitchen renovations can produce a lot of stress...
Whether it is worth the pain is anybody's guess.


  1. Two shots with just one bullet. I just admire the way you do it.