Friday, June 12, 2015

Confidence Is Not High

Iraqi soldiers surrender to an American position during the Gulf War ...
(Iraqi troops have been practicing this maneuver for a while.)
President Obama's pledged "advisers" to Iraq;
U.S. troops to train an army which appears to lack
Any will to battle back when ISIL troops advance.
Can 400 U.S. forces change that? Not a chance.

It's not like we haven't trained Iraqi troops before;
10 years we've been trying...  Do we think a few months more
Will instill the spine their army needs to stand and fight?
What makes us so sure, this time, they're gonna get it right?

I don't have some bright idea for how to fix the mess.
Neither does Obama, so we're stuck with this I guess.
Wish I had more confidence but history has shown
When the U.S. gets involved, the problem's only grown.

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