Monday, June 22, 2015

Unsolicited Advice for E.U. Leaders re: Greece

The Eurozone Crisis: A Failure of Economics or Politics?
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Greece needs bail-out funds to meet a payment on their loan;
And, if they don't get them, Greeks may leave the eurozone.
They'll be forced into default unless the terms are changed...
Now they're running out of time to get a deal arranged.

The Greek GDP is shrinking - it's down by a third -
Thus, you do not have to be an economics nerd
To see more austerity's unlikely to reverse
Greece's situation and, in fact, could make it worse.

Have to reach a compromise which gives the Greeks the time
To save their economy or you won't see a dime
For, although the Europeans won't be overjoyed,
Can't get blood from stones - nor taxes from the unemployed.

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