Monday, December 16, 2013

How The Grinch Stole Victory
Looks like interference to me. (Photo Courtesy of Brad Barr/USA Today Sports)
Patriots are 10 and 4; New England failed to clinch.
Felt as if Gostkowski was a victim of  the Grinch.
Edelman was awesome; Amendola - not too bad...
Even though he dropped the winning catch he should have had.

Hooman was amazing; made a single-handed grab
But, without the Gronk (I'd like to clone him in a lab)
Brady doesn't have a big receiver who won't care
When there's interference that the refs perceive as fair.

Have to play the Ravens next and that'll be a chore.
Hope New England figures out a better way to score.
With so many members of our team not on the field
Our best hope might be next year; once everyone has healed.

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