Monday, December 09, 2013

The New England Patriots Are Killing Me

 'though New England's winning games, they push it to the brink.
Even in their victories, they're driving me to drink.
Chewed my fingers down to stubs - a second on the clock -
Cundiff's kick sailed through the air; I watched it like a hawk.
 From the back it looked as if the field goal might be good...
It fell short and, once again, the coach who wears a hood
But he's got a gaping hole that he will have to fix...
 Rob Gronkowski's out again; he's torn his ACL,
Meaning that his season is completely shot to hell.

'though New England's 10 and 3, they've had it pretty rough
And, although I know the Patriots are really tough,
 With so many players injured, poor Bill Belichick
Must believe the sports gods have done all they could to wreck
Any chance he has of going to the Super Bowl
(Which, as anyone can tell you, is his only goal)
But, without a miracle, that dream might be a bust...
Still, I haven't lost all hope; In Belichick we trust.

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