Thursday, December 05, 2013

China's Very, Very Bad Idea

With 32 million more men then women in China, the 4 guys on the end are out of luck. (Photo/

China's one child policy has put them in a bind;
Men are learning that a bride is very hard to find
When so many parents pinned their hopes upon a boy.
Didn't value baby girls; an unsuccessful ploy.

Yes, the population's down but it is getting old.
Seems the country's citizens - who did what they were told -
Only had a single child but, since they just got one,
Did some really awful things to guarantee a son.

Now they've got a massive surplus of unhappy men.
No one thought this day would come when they began back then?
China's changed its policy as demographics slide
But you can't have children when you cannot find a bride.

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