Friday, December 06, 2013

In Memoriam... Nelson Mandela

And, although not unexpected, even so - I cried.
Started life a warrior; his nation's righteous spear.
Faced the gallows on Apartheid without trace of fear.
Sentenced him to Robben Island; said he'd serve for life.
After they imprisoned him they, then, harassed his wife.
Twenty-seven long and lonely years 'til his release
Yet, somehow, he managed to emerge a man of peace.
Spoke of Reconciliation as a way to heal;
Fought to make his vision of a Rainbow Nation real.
When he came to Boston - up and dancing on the stage -
Thanked us for divestment, I felt we had turned a page...
Put our ugly, racist past behind us; cleaned the slate.
It felt like Mandela's benediction of my state.
Many countries' flags will fly at half-staff when unfurled
For the father of his country...  Hero to the world.

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