Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Healthcare.gov Review

(Mr. Noth's cartoon is courtesy of The New Yorker)

Healthcare website's up and running; I'd give it a B.
'though it's doing better, it's not working perfectly.
You can browse your options; you can even buy a plan.
It's now running smoother than the system ever ran.

If you're a consumer, you'll be happy with the site
But, if you insure consumers, it's not working right.
Information they're receiving from Healthcare dot gov
Isn't always accurate...  When push comes down to shove

People may believe they're covered when, in fact, they're not...
And there are still millions who will lose the plans they've got.
Owners of small businesses are also out of luck.
Still, that's an improvement; it does not completely suck.

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