Thursday, February 09, 2012

Race for the White House - 2012 (cont.)

Gingrich or Santorum? I just can't see them at all.
Don't think either stands a chance to win this in the Fall.
Newt has so much baggage he requires a valet.
And, I've heard Santorum is completely anti-gay.

I've begun to worry that Republicans are nuts.
Every time I turn around they choose some other putz.
Palin, Cain, and Perry? Michele Bachmann? Donald Trump?
They've all held a lead until their campaigns hit a bump.

Never know who they'll pick next but I begin to think
If you're a Republican then all your options stink.
Maybe they should give the President another glance?
I think they might like him if they'd give him half a chance.

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