Turmoil in the Middle East; N.G.O.s on trial.
Egyptian officials issue statements full of bile.
Civil war in Syria; Iraq not far behind.
Israel might bomb Iran? I think they've lost their mind.

Middle East's a powder keg that's ready to explode.
Freedom and democracy have got a bumpy road.
I'm not Isolationist; I know we must engage
But, I fear involvement on our part will just enrage

Nations who don't trust us. As of now, it seems to me
If you're keeping track, that means the vast majority.
They say they don't want us there. Let's take them at their word.
Let them work it out themselves now that we've thinned the herd.

Let's see how much Russia likes a nuclear Iran
Or if China really wants close ties with Pakistan.
I say let them have it. We have troubles here at home.
After all, who do we think we are? A modern Rome?