Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm a total novice and I find I'm feeling lost.
Fear that I have got this wrong and you will pay the cost.
Bad enough subjecting folks to silly little rhymes
(Even though the subject matter's serious sometimes).

But, I've looked around a bit and seen some lovely blogs;
Realized my own attempt is not fit for the dogs.
Hope that you'll be patient as I try to work this out.
Plan to learn a lot from you because there's not a doubt

I don't have a single clue on how to make blogs work.
If you have suggestions, trot them out.  I'm not a jerk.
Just a chronic sufferer of Dr. Seussilitis,
(Symptoms bear resemblance to a sort of brain colitis.)

Maybe I should warn you though; this rhyming thing's contagious.
Catches on and, sometimes, the results can be outrageous.
Hope that you'll drop by again. I'm really glad you came.
Leave a note about your blog and I will do the same.

Mrs. Smeej

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