Monday, February 27, 2012

The Oscars

I liked Billy Crystal; I guess that means I'm old.
Thus, I'll offer some advice, if I may be so bold.
Why not just surrender to the facts and those are these
Only older people can afford today's movies.

$15 bucks a ticket (before popcorn or a drink,
And you take the chance the movie you've paid for will stink.)
Stick with Billy Crystal; back him up with Betty White.
Cater to your audience for hosting Oscar Night.

Only other people who see movies now are kids.
Pick a host that pleases them? The stars would flip their lids.
Don't think The Transformers or Seth Rogan have the chops.
Hire Crystal all the time; avoiding future flops.

Though I loved the medley that Bill did at the start,
Think we need more Disney tunes. I miss the music part.
When the Best Supporting Actress cried I got a lump.
Have to see The Artist now; the fabled Oscar bump. 

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