Thursday, February 09, 2012

The World's Worst Mom

"Please Mom - I've got to have it. All the other kids have one..."
The first shot in the battle I'm now fighting with my son.
"Forget it! You don't love me and it's clear that you don't care
I'll be the most unpopular of all the others there...

 Perhaps he's right because, right now, he's not my favorite child
My steadfast, flat refusal drives him absolutely wild
You'd think that I was beating him... I'm thinking I should start
This teenage angst and anger stuff is tearing us apart

 "You've always liked my brother best. You never cared for me
And you've never, ever tried at all my side to see
I won't do my homework. I won't help with any chore.
I'll keep right on arguing 'til you can't take no more...

"You asked if I'd be jumping off some bridge if others did
And weren't too happy when I said 'Of course! Like any kid.'
I warn you! There'll be trouble 'less I get an Air Soft gun
So I can run around and shoot my other friends for fun."

He used to like me quite a lot - But lately, not so much
He leaves the room when I walk in and scorns my slightest touch
You want to know the reason why I won't when others did?
Remember Christmas Story and "You'll shoot your eye out kid"?

I know that's what would happen. I can see it clear as day
And I won't spend the money for the $100 bucks co-pay
So I don't care - There's not a shot I'm buying him a gun
He'll have to find some other way to hang out and have fun.

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