Monday, November 10, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Future DPRK Visitors

Mathew Miller and Kenneth Bae arrived home from North Korea yesterday. (Photo/

DPRK's just released Americans they had;
These 2 were the last they held.  They're home and I am glad.
I just wish that we'd stop going when it's all too clear
Kim Jong-un is paranoid.  His people live in fear...

Fear that if they talk to us they're gonna land in jail.
Should we interfere and try to help we're doomed to fail.
If we get arrested breaking their laws over there
We have hope of rescue; they do not...  It's hardly fair.

North Korean prisons aren't a place you wanna be.
Life is hard enough in North Korea when you're free;
Where the fear you're being watched by everyone is true.
It's not paranoia when they're really after you.

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