Thursday, November 06, 2014

Confessions of a Bad Mother

Even as a little girl I, somehow, always knew
I would make an awful Mom, and yet, God gave me two
Sons I love so much it hurts, but that is not enough.
They need parents who won't let them get away with stuff.

Someone who will not give in to pleading...  Someone strong.
Not a mom who makes excuses for them when they're wrong.
Both my sons are sweet and loving with a charming grin...
Both are full of confidence but lack all discipline.

It is not enough for mothers just to love their child;
We must be the "bad guys" if the kid starts growing wild.
Now that mine are young adults, I fear that ship has sailed.
It's a loving parent's job and one at which I've failed.

1 comment:

  1. It sounds like you re having a very bad day. But trust me its not the end, may i say. Be strong, stay focused and do what you can. Give love and support, but with a strong hand. Most of the older MOMS that I know. Have had bad days caused by their kids as they grow. It is not you who's to blame if they make bad choices. or act on the urging of scurrilous voices, Stay strong, don't panic, seek help from your friends. there are many who have been there and will support YOU to the ends