Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Tweets Don't Count

Polls are open, lines are short on this Election Day;
When the voters in this country get to have their say.
Notice I said "voters" not the person on the street,
Half of whom won't cast a vote...  Instead, they'll "Like" or tweet.

Even if their tweet is clever, it ain't gonna count.
Doesn't add a thing to any candidate's amount.
Only at the polling booth does anybody care...
That's where it will matter what opinions people share.

Get up off your buttocks, throw on sweat-pants, go and vote.
(Here in Massachusetts you won't even need a coat.)
Mr. S. and I will cancel out but, even so,
I have hopes my Democratic sisters plan to go.

1 comment:

  1. I will dress to the nines, then go stand in lines. cause I admit Im running quite late.But I always will go, thru wind, rain and snow, not just because of one candidate. It is my right, my duty, my obligation, to act on the gift of this nation. So ask my opinion on issues, Ill give it to you, Ive earned it, as all voters do.