Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Rewarding Bad Behaviour


Interesting strategy, and yet, it seems to work;
You can win elections by behaving like a jerk.
Throw yourself a tantrum and refuse to compromise;
Block all legislation and then blame the other guys.

Credit Mitch McConnell, for the strategy was his.
Wanted to be Leader of the Senate; now he is.
President Obama won't have Congress on his side.
(No big deal... They've never helped with anything he's tried.)

They'll set the agenda, though; the issues of the day.
First thing that they want to do? Repeal the A.C.A.
Congress can tell folks at EPA to take a hike.
They can block Obama's nominations if they'd like.

This mid-term election's left Republicans in charge.
Not since Harry Truman has their margin been so large.
And, 'though she was slow conceding, Martha Coakley's done...
Even here, in Massachusetts, GOP has won.

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