Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Iran - Non. No. Nah. Nyet.

Stalled talks between the G5+1 and Iran are set to resume on 20 November. (Photo/Farsnews.com)

Iran has been isolated over 30 years.
They've become the boogeyman that everybody fears.
We're afraid that they'll enrich uranium until
They can build some weapons, 'though they've said they never will.

President Rouhani says Iran would like a deal
But we're not so sure that's how the ayatollahs feel.
Hopes for major breakthroughs stalled at meetings they've just had.
Israel has made no secret that fact makes them glad.

Secretary Kerry says enrichment must be ceased.
Some in Congress want to see the sanctions get increased;
Worried that Rouhani plans to use these talks to stall.
I'm afraid we'll try to force his hand and blow it all.

We've allowed their clerics to make demons of the West.
Some are true believers, sure...  But what about the rest?
Persia is an ancient culture; try to see their side.
If we turn the screws we'll lose, 'cause people have their pride.

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