Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Solved... It Was Us.

50 years ago today John Kennedy was shot.
Many still believe in an assassination plot:
L.B.J., the CIA, or Castro, or the mob.
Presidents could not be killed by one pathetic slob.

Looking back we all remember it as Camelot;
Dreaming of our glory days, but maybe we forgot
We were simply not a most congenial spot back then.
My mom is a Northerner who lived down South and when

She was at the Commissary they announced the news;
People started cheering and expressing racist views.
Toxic atmospheres build up and then some loser acts.
Let's not try to kid ourselves; we have to face the facts...

No one fled the grassy knoll; Lee Oswald was alone.
He was not the patsy here.  He acted on his own.
But the ugly politics and scandals of the day
Also had a passive, but important, part to play.

Maybe we should think about that as we're looking back
From our current, constant state of partisan attack.
This new generation of Americans must change...
Who knows which new lunatic is at the target range.

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