Friday, November 01, 2013

Dear NSA - Really?


General Alexander, he's the head of NSA,
Came before the Congress, testified the other day
Said their spying's justified and not that big a deal.
Every country has some secrets others try to steal.

In related testimony, someone else was asked;
Aren't we being hard on NSA since they've been tasked
With the job of keeping us protected from attacks?
Why should we be worried what they do behind our backs?

Privacy's not violated if nobody knows?
No one has complained about surveillance; thus, it shows
4th Amendment wasn't violated by the Feds?

We can't just blame Edward Snowden 'cause he spilled the beans.
Time to take a long, hard look at this and what it means.
I know we need information.  I am not a dope...
But I can't believe we're really spying on the Pope.

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