Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Happy Birthday America - A Little Bit Early

Happy Independence Day!  I'll be at the parade
Where I'll stand and cheer each time the anthem's being played,
Stand again - salute the flag whenever she goes by,
Make sure I get up for vet'rans, so I don't know why

I bring any chairs to this - I'm always up and down.
Thank God it's a short parade we have in my small town.
(By the way, I know today is really just the 3rd
But I have potato salad on...  It must be stirred.)

Didn't want to miss the 4th, but I won't be around.
When you live where I do, opportunities abound.
Many people pack a lunch and go to see the Pops
Playing on the Esplanade - They pull out all the stops.

When they do The 1812 the Old North Church bells ring.
We will watch it on TV 'cause - not for anything -
Could I drag my darlin' spouse back to the river Charles;
He was not a fan of the post-concert traffic snarls.

We'll pursue our happiness at home on our back deck.
That means I'll be busy because, right now, it's a wreck.
(Cannot let the guests suspect their hostess is a slob)
Then I have some ears to peel for our corn on the cob.

So, I'm sending wishes now to you and all of yours
Happy Birthday everyone - on all our shining shores,
'cross the amber waves, on purple mountains - out of reach.
Yikes! I've started sounding like a bad Mitt Romney speech.

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