Monday, July 09, 2012

The Boston Red Sox - Yankees. Damn.

Coming to the All-Star break, the Red Sox tied for last;
Found the weekend painful but my husband had a blast.
For he is a Yankees' fan while I support the Sox...
Latest series nearly put our marriage on the rocks.

43 and 43 - it isn't looking good.
Meanwhile, Youk's the hero in his newest neighborhood.
Almost all our stars are beaten up - except Ortiz.
Sports gods, keep him healthy. I am asking nicely. Please!

Poor old Bobby Valentine is struggling, but still
Manages to do the best with what he's got.  He will,
One day, be forgiven for the Kevin Youkilis trade...
Clearly, I am one of those who wishes Youk had stayed.

I know I am not alone - Obama learned it too
When his joke about the trade was greeted with a "Boo!"
Shouldn't tease a Red Sox fan who's team's not doing well.
If you do then be prepared to turn and run like hell.

Sense of humor tends to fade, as Mr. S. just learned
Offers of affection - made by him towards me - were spurned,
After he had dared to wish that Youk became a Yankee...
Not a chance that he was getting any hanky-panky.

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