Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The One Hundred and Twelfth - Oh, Never Mind.

Maybe summer weather makes jobs easier to shirk?
Hear there's rain in Washington, though;  Congress - Do some work!
Racing towards a fiscal cliff like lemmings to the sea;
Wish they'd learn to work together, 'cause it seems to me

Wait until November; push it to the very end?
We'll all hang together off that fiscal cliff, my friend.
Keep up with a daily blog that's focused on the news
Or go out and play some golf? If you were in my shoes

And the day was sunny - about 82 degrees -
What would you decide to do? .... If you'll excuse me please?
I choose to go out and play, then grab a bite to eat.
Much too nice a day... The summer's short but, oh, so sweet.

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