Thursday, August 10, 2017

Losing Sleep

Image result for kim jong un and donald trumpmemes
A nightmare.

Holy crap! The North Koreans have ICBMs
That can reach the USA... It's messing with my REMs.
We are in a pissing contest with a lunatic
And the war of words has escalated pretty quick.

"Power... fire... force, and fury," blustered Donald Trump -
On vacation at his golf course. (White House is "a dump.")
Kim Jong-un then threatened Guam and U.S. bases there.
How can I "sleep easy" with those two guys on a tear?

Anybody else but them and I'd only be tense
Figuring a President would show a little sense,
Not sit back and say that we'll wipe Pyongyang off the map...
Never mind a good night's sleep.  I'm lucky if I nap.


  1. Replies
    1. Mad, we're so totally screwed
      I fear that I'm coming unglued.
      It cannot get worse...
      It's led me to curse.
      My rhymes are becoming quite rude.