Monday, July 24, 2017

Never Again

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Our son's moving to the condo that my husband's had
Since before the days he ever dreamed he'd be a dad.
We lived there together later (when we lived in sin.)
Then we bought a house and married...  My sister moved in.

After she moved out, my brother rented for a while.
Now the place could used fresh paint, a rug, some flooring tile.
But, because the rent is low, our darlin' eldest son
Volunteered to get the needed renovations done.

We just finished our house and, although I like to paint,
I've discovered that I lack the patience of a saint
Which is a requirement for those who'd renovate -
Waiting on a phone call from the flooring guy...  Who's late.

I have learned my lesson from our first reno-go-round,
When the building contractor is nowhere to be found,
I'm too old to deal with that again.  The kid is young.
But, I'm there for painting walls or getting pictures hung.

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