Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Unsolicited Advice for the Patriots Organization re: Sports Gods

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I'm afraid the Patriots are angering the gods.
Until a few days ago I liked New England's odds
Of another thrilling season and a Super Bowl.
With this team that seemed to be a reasonable goal.

But it doesn't do to get too cocky early on.
Sports gods disapprove of it and, when that mojo's gone;
Footballs do not spiral through the air the way they should,
Stars get injured, passes dropped, more field goals fall "No good."

When you register a trade-mark on 19 and 0
You insure that's not the way our season's gonna go.
Brady's risked the Madden curse, already,,,  What is next?
Let's not push our luck too far...  We'll make the sports gods vexed.

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