Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Summertime, and This Living Ain't Easy

In the summer, other things preoccupy my mind;
Then this Dr. Seussilitis blog becomes a grind.
Seems a rhyme about the news won't come as easily
When I've gone to parties and awaken queasily.

Posts become sporadic with vacation almost here...
(We're returning to The Lookout, where we stayed last year.)
Boys are home, we're busy, and tomorrow is the 4th,
Then we're in a tournament with golfing friends up North.

Looking back, I see this current trend is nothing new.
Last year, in the summer, I had other things to do.
Thus, I make no promises that I'll be up to date
Or that rhymes I do get to are gonna be that great.

Hope that you'll bear with me 'cause my record also proves
In the Fall, when life slips into its accustomed grooves,
I'll get back to politics - for me they're like a drug -
But, in summer, my brain starts behaving like a slug.

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