Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Egypt - When is a Coup Not a Coup?

The riddle of the Sphinx -When is a coup not a coup?

I go on vacation - the Egyptians have a coup...
Not the 1st time this has happened, either. This makes 2.
Last time that it happened Morsi led one of his own.
This time it was him the military's overthrown.

No one's seen the President. The Muslim Brotherhood's
Started leading protests throughout Egypt's neighborhoods.
They say they're prepared to die if Morsi's not restored.
Civil war is one thing that Egyptians can't afford.

Neither can America 'cause Egypt is the key;
Central to the Middle East throughout its history.
Which is why we're being careful - watching what we say.
U.S. law is black and white but Egypt's shades of gray.

We are not allowed to give a country foreign aid
If there's been a military coup.  Bills don't get paid.
Egypt wants another chance to get its problems solved;
Thus, we've called it something else so we can stay involved.


  1. You expressed that quandary beautifully in verse!

    1. I tried it in lim'rick, but fear
      My message was not all that clear
      Resorted to verse
      Which is (almost) worse...
      But you're kind to say so, my dear.